The UKs first eSIM offering Multi-Network Roaming connectivity

Reliable, flexible & cost effective data access via a UK based MVNO Mobile core network with global connectivity to over 450 networks in 190 countries


  • Local connectivity with all four UK networks
  • European coverage
  • Global coverage; 190 countries (via 450 Networks)
  • All traffic breaks out in the UK
  • Optional “true” UK fixed I/P addressing
  • Multiple form factors ( 2FF / 3FF / 4FF / MFF2)
  • Tariff packs from 10Mb to 200GB /Month
  • Secure & GSMA compliant
  • UK Based MVNO mobile core network
  • Customised value added packages for large deployments incl. Layer 3 Private APN, Custom steering & Mobile Manager.


  • Ideal for IOT & Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • Improved reliability & performance as eSim enables
    a device to connect to the strongest network*
  • No need to survey local signal strengths in large deployments
  • Improved latency and performance
  • Single supplier, simplifies deploy & manage
  • Over the Air updates, enables incorporation of many exciting new technologies as they become available without the need for a SIM swap out.


* Always Smart Roaming
Our eSIMs do not have a ’home’ network so by default are unsteered. In practice this means the eSIM will connect to the strongest available network and the user device is then able to switch to a stronger signal should one become available.

Electric Vehicle charging points
Remote Equipment Monitoring
Point of Sale
Internet of Things

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